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Recherche de résidus de pesticides dans les fraises au Maroc

Mohammed Jbilou, Khalid Laarej, Rachid Alami

Strawberries, fruits of the family Rosaceae (Fragaria vulgaris L), grown in Morocco in the regions of Souss, Gharb and Loukkos, are widely consumed because of their high vitamin content (C, B1, P and PP) and in mineral salts. This crop is very sensitive to parasites which requires treatments with pesticides to preserve the crop. Our job is to develop a new analytical method based on the extraction of pesticide residues from strawberries samples and their GC-MS assay. The sample preparation consists of crushing the fruit and weighing 10 g for extraction by theQuECHERS method and 3 μl of the extract are injected into the GC-MS.The recovery percentage of this method is 87.5%, the detection limitsare 10 PPB and the linearity repetition coefficient is greater than 0.99.17 samples taken on the market were analyzed by this.

Development of A New Essay Method of Pesticides in Strawberries by GC-MS and Determination of their Residues in A Few Samples